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Author Topic: Gxr50 years and counting  (Read 1885 times)

Offline Lizilu20

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Re: Gxr50 years and counting
« Reply #20 on: July 11, 2019, 01:18:17 PM »
Joycie it feels like you've been there ages! What a fabulous time you are having too. Loving the Joycieisms by the way.  ;D :-*

Offline joycie

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Re: Gxr50 years and counting
« Reply #21 on: July 11, 2019, 02:01:35 PM »
So i’m sat on the day bed and i’m hot. Bri is  following the cricket and freckles the cat is trying to sit on my knee. I’m in my swimming costume the pool is delicously lovely and we have had the most fabulous time. Kalkan is changing but i would bet that the locals dont mind. More money in their pockets can only be a plus so hey ho the disrespect of the people coughing up the pounds is generally ignore
There are more strict moslems visiting and I despair at how hot the ladies must be even wearing cardigans and jackets whilst their boy friends/husbands wear shorts and t shirts. We nod and smile in passing each thinking that thd other one is daft for their style of dress.
I still adore Kalkan and it had made our Golden Wedding Anniversary along with all my British  and Turkish friends so special that I cant think of anywhere that i would have celebrated it but here!

Offline joycie

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Re: Gxr50 years and counting
« Reply #22 on: July 18, 2019, 08:48:00 AM »
So i’m sat in bed at home thinking about the fantastic time we’ve just had in Kalkan. I’m surrounded by my washing my lovely gold earrings purchased from Wishes with a significant discount are still firmly in my ears thank goodness and i feel wonderful.
As usual Sahane and Sultinye totally satisfied and much more the three wonderful weeks we spent in Kalkan. The team that keep the Villas and apartments running are exceptional. Always pleasant polite and out holiday wouldn’t be the same without them.
We visited the Chinese restsurant twice and really enjoyed both meals. We loved Moussakka  happily made a reaquaintance with Hussein and Kadir at Kaya had a lovely meal there and of course our fav Aqua. Its such a lovely vibe there and the vibe is fantastic especially on Friday music night. Our Golden Wedding meal there was superb and all our lovely friends who joined us made it even more special especially the wonderful cake that Mandy made and transported out here and some of which ive just transported back. Makes my mouth water thinking about it.
The boat trip on Aqua 1 was fantastic and the food especially the  sweets courtesy of Simon were superb.
My birthday with Burak and his wonderful cocktails oh WoW Jackies birthday at the Castle in Kisla sitting on the ottoman bed and trying to get off it gracefully walking up those wonderful iron steps and having a wonderful meal overlooking the pool. Ooh the gin we had at Mandys first so special overlooking Kalkan from Kisla.
The day at Zest was lovely towels on the beds when you arrive and that gorgeous swimming pool. Lovely meal and they contain the numbers that go over only allowing eight on the boat.
Our trip to Kas on the Dolmus. Crowded as usual and the young Turkish woman travelling with beautiful baby no pushchair suitcase various other goods and a sack of potatoes. It was sweltering and she was fully clothed with all this stuff and baby but she was lovely. She was travelling onward from Kas on the Antalya bus i think and everything had to be transported from the Dolmus to the boot of the coach. She didnt ask for help loads of of turkish “Gentlemen” scrambled off the bus as did some British but not Bri. He picked up various bits and carried them to the coach and lastly the sack of potatoes. Why was she travelling with a baby and a sack of potatoes? Guess we’ll never know!
Uphill to the beach club must have picked the most Turkish one that ive ever been to. I know
we’re in Turkey but usually because the Turkish are much better at English than i am at Turkish we get by. Oh dear asked for a glass of white wine got a bottle. Tried to indicate that the bottle in the bucket was lovely but i only wanted one glass but anothet glass appeared for Bri. O blow it we drank it. Very nice indeed.
There’s been so much to this special holiday that its impossible to relay it all but our last night we decided to go to Aubergine. We had booked a harbour side table the night before and decided to have a cocktail first. We browsed the menu and we decided to share a basket of garlic mushrooms. They were done in a filo cheese pastry sounded delicious. Well the mushrooms were garlicky and lovely but we could have saved a few lira if we’d just had the mushrooms the pastry was indedible you coukdnt get a knife through it. We left it on the side of the plate. I mentioned it to the server but did’nt get any response. We did get the usual free starter which was lovely and as usual in hindsight perhaps we should have stopped there. Okay so mains for me was rib eye steak. Steaks in Kalkan without exception were wonderful always are. This one was tough and gristly so i gave up. I wrapped it in a tissue and determined to find a dog to feed when we left the restaurant. Bri enjoyed his chicken curry. We’d had two cocktails a glass of red wine starter to share two main courses and Bri had ice cream for sweet. The bill was £72 which was much more expensive than anywhere else we’d dined but of course if we were in the UK probally would have cost a lot more but we were so disappointed we left on our last night with heavy heart complete with tough steak in my handbag. I found a little dog to feed it to and he definetly wasn’t as fussy as me.
We headed for Kleos to say goodbye to Al. We had had some lovely lunchtime meals there and they’re definetly the best chips in Kalkan. Cesur was staring at the water and I knew how he felt I could have sat looking at the view for ever. We bade our farewells to Al and with heavy heart plodded to the taxi rank.
Next morning going home day! Finished the packing weighed the cases not too bad ate breakfast and waited for our transport. Samet arrived it was thundering and lightning. The Volume travel transport was wonderful. Seven seater loads of leg room and Wi-fi. Bri says I never grabbed his hand once. I had checked in on line but couldnt print boarding passes so waited in line. The poor woman in front had broken her ankle in Kalkan so her fitness to travel was causing some consternation. It got sorted we got our boarding passes our suitcases were taken and we went off to security. Straight to departure lounge which was open and another security check on our electronic items.
We watched our plane lane and within forty minutes we were boarding and on our way.
So here we are at home and reminiscing about our wonderful wonderful holiday.
Kalkan is changing. The visitors are much more varied. Sat in Yali bar and a big party of Swedish tourists were enjoying every cocktail on the menu. Many more Turkish tourists than I’ve seen before and I loved it.
Thankyou Kalkan for making our 50th wedding anniversary so special we’ve already decided to spend our 60th here and of course everyone in between.

Offline Babs

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Re: Gxr50 years and counting
« Reply #23 on: July 19, 2019, 09:33:50 PM »
Just catching up! A belated happy anniversary and birthday Joycie..and Bri. Sounds like you’ve been celebrating in style! 😊

Offline Alibobs

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Re: Gxr50 years and counting
« Reply #24 on: Yesterday at 10:32:29 AM »
Lovely read - thank you for,posting. We are back in September, bringing our daughter for the first time

Offline joycie

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Re: Gxr50 years and counting
« Reply #25 on: Yesterday at 01:52:03 PM »
I’m sure that she will love Kalkan as much as everybody else does. Look forward to hearing your report.

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